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Oct 17038
Revised Pics\Kids & Batteries 2-12
BN Kids in Pink 3-12
Conference on the Mound 5-12
Painted Faces District Scroll 3-13.jpg
Weber 13 DS 5-13.jpg
FFA - DS-5-13.jpg
Muffins DS 5-13.jpg
Track4 DS 5-13.jpg
Softball - ath-6-13.jpg
photo (3).jpg  6-13
pep rally 8 2013.jpg Revised
pep rally 9 2013.jpg Revised
pep rally 10 2013.jpg Revised
pep rally 17.jpg Revised
pep rally 22.jpg Revised
bucketfillers.assembly REVISED 9-13
Kids in the Gym 9-13 REVISED .jpg
front scroll 9-22-13 REVISED.jpg
FFA 1 Sept-13REVISED.jpg
FFA4 Sept. 2013REVISED
FFA7 Sept. 2013REVISED.jpg
Vollyball2 Oct2013 REVISED.jpg
REVISED PPFootball 1 2013.jpg
REVISED PPFootball 2 2013.jpg
Band in Exhibition
REVISED Homecoming3 10-13
REVISED Homecoming4 - 10-13
Candy Land Float
Homecoming Court
Parade Junior Cheerleaders
Mouse Trap Float
Sorry Float
Cand Land Up Close
Homecoming Court
Homecoming Court
Homecoming Court
Homecoming Parade
Simons Family
REVISED RK5 10-13.jpg
REVISED More Homecoming 5 Front.jpg
REVISED Preschool 1 10-13.jpg
Revised November 2013 4.jpg
Revised Light Parade1 2013 Front.jpg
Revised Light Parade5 2013 Front.jpg
Revised Light Parade4 2013 front.jpg
middle School 5 12-13.jpg
Revised Front1 12-13.jpg
Revised FS1 1-8-14.jpg
Revised Front scroll 1-15-14-1.jpg
Revised pre-7-1-15-14.jpg
Middle School Front Sroll 1-14.JPG
Revised HS Front 2-3-2014.jpg
Revised Front1-2-19-14.jpg
Revised Winterfest1-Front-2-14.jpg
Revised Winterfest2 - front-2-14.jpg
Revised FS-3-3-14-FRONT.jpg
Revised FS4-3-3-14-Front.jpg
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Please join us for this month's Senior Citizens luncheon at the High School.


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Durand Schools Kindergarten & Preschool Roundup
Kindergarten and 3 and 4 year old Preschool registration will be held Thursday, March 20th 4:30pm to 8pm and                               Friday, March 21st  9 am - noon and 1pm to 4:30pm.   Please call 989-288-2016 to reserve your registration slot. 
A Note from the Superintendent

Dear Parents/Guardians

This has been such a difficult winter for all of us and I think everyone is ready for some spring weather soon. As you know we have had to cancel school numerous times this winter. Unfortunately we will have to make up many of those days. As of today, we have lost twelve days of instruction.

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