Bond 2020

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Official Renderings of the RAC


Main Entrance

RAC Main Enterence Rendering


Weightroom Angle

Included in the RAC will be a 40x100 weight room with a 10 x 100-foot section of field turf as a part of the weight room.  This field turf area can be used for stretching, sprinter work, football sled work, and a number of other uses depending on the sport.  This is a unique addition that will be a rarity compared to other weight rooms across the state.  Additionally, the space will include powerlifting stations so our athletes can begin competing (and hosting) powerlifting competitions.  The weight machines and equipment will be geared toward serving students and athletes in all athletic disciplines. 

RAC Weightroom Angle Rendering


Gym View

The main gym space will have a full-sized basketball court that will match our competition court at the high school in size, and youth sports such as volleyball and basketball will have courts where two games can be played at the same time with a small set of bleachers for viewing on either side.

RAC Gym Space Rendering

Upper View

Situated above the weight room will be a 35-50 person high-tech meeting space, some additional storage, and a roughly 40' x 50' multipurpose athletic space. 

RAC Upper Level Rendering

Track View

Above the courts, we will have a three-lane track that is "banked" at the turns.  This unique feature will allow athletes to sprint around turns without the wear and tear on their knees and legs.  This is also the space where we see our school community coming in to walk for exercise.

RAC Track View Rendering

Lobby View

RAC Lobby View Rendering

We have a "page-turning" date of 5/5.  At this time, we do a final review of everything related to the FAC.  The architects will then turn over documents to our construction firm, and two weeks later, we will be able to start the bidding process and state review process.  We are projecting the fine arts center groundbreaking to occur in July.  Again, the timeline is roughly 14 months to completion, which will mean the FAC will be open for business sometime in the fall of 2023.

Date: 4/14/22
Construction has been underway for a few weeks now, and we anticipate that at this time next spring, we will be nearly finished with the classroom additions and the RAC.
The brick wall area on the right is the classroom addition, and the tall wall is the East wall to the RAC.
RAC Progress Photo from 4_14_22
Date: 4/22/22

During the last two weeks, we've had bond meetings regarding the scope of the work at BN and RK and how we will need to address wrapping up at the end of the year.  Demolition and construction are scheduled to start on June 3, the first day of summer.  In a nutshell, our challenge is that we will need to have most rooms wholly cleared out and empty of most everything by the end of the day on Thursday, June 2.

Construction of the new 80x40 pole barn is taking shape behind the FFA pig barn near the NE end of the track.  In addition to the new building, we will also be replacing the white metal on two of the other barns, including the FFA barn.  All the buildings in that area will have the matching Durand Blue steel.

With all the delays and challenges we have run into, the RAC may not be complete until June 2023.  We had been hopeful for our stellar junior class to be able to use the RAC for the second half of their senior year, but unfortunately, that isn’t likely to happen.


Date: 4/25/22

RAC Progress Photo 04/25/22


Date: 5/24/2022

Construction Update 5/24/2022

Please use the following tax calculator to find the tax impact of the bond on your unique household situation. 

The maximum amount a homeowner would pay for the bond if you own a house worth $100,000 would be $62.00 per year for Proposal I and if Proposals II also passes, it would be an additional $15.00 per year. 

Many families will pay less based on their household income, where you live, age, and disability status.  For instance, home owners in the city of Durand with a household income of $50,000 and a home with an SEV of $50,000 (house being worth $100,000) would only pay $24.80 per year for Proposal I.   If Proposal II also passes, it would be an additional $6.00 per year. 

Only type in digits with no dollar signs or commas for the tax calculator to work correctly. You should be putting in your home’s SEV amount into the tax calculator.  The SEV amount is considered to be half the value of the home.