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Fringe Benefit Information

403(b) Salary Reduction
Durand Area Schools is pleased to offer the 403(b) Plan to eligible employees in order to help save for retirement. The plan allows you to save on a tax deferred basis. In an effort to comply with IRS Guidelines, the District has contracted with TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG) to administer our 403(b) program. For more information please follow the District's link:
Flex 125 Pre-Tax Deduction
Flex 125 is a voluntary pre-tax deduction plan available to regular employees. Under this program, subject to IRS guidelines, you may elect a pre-tax bi-weekly payroll deduction for medical or medical-related expenses and/or dependent care reimbursements. The plan year is November to October with an October open enrollment period. After a paperless on-line set up with TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation), employees place funds in a predetermined benefit account through salary reduction. When a qualified expense is incurred, the employee submits a request and receives prompt reimbursement. Please follow our link to MyTASC.

1. Click on "LOGIN TO MYTASC" at upper right.

2. Enter your Login ID and PIN at left.

Other Employee Information